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            OPEN POSITIONS

Zhang Xiang- Lecturer


His research interests include Institutional Economics, Economic Sociology,Informal Finance, Social Security


Education Background:

Ph. D. 2009.7 Department of Sociology, Peking University

MS of Law 2004.6 Department of Sociology, Peking University

BS of Economics 2000.6 Department of International Economics, China Institute of Finance and Banking



Insurance Company Management,2009,Winter

Social Security Funding Management,2010, Spring

An Introduction of New Institutional Economics,2010, Autumn-in English



-Zhang Xiang and Zou Chuanwei, Information Hiding, Information Screening and Bidding ROSCAs Defaults: Evidence from Chunfeng Town, Journal of Financial Research, 2009, vol. 12A

-Zhang Xiang, Exit cost, information and conflicta case of massive failure of bidding-ROSCAs, Sociological Study, 2008, vol. 1

-Zhang Xiang and Zou Chuanwei, The dynamics of massive failure of bidding-ROSCAs, Journal of Financial Research, 2007, vol. 11A

-Zhang Xiang, The information-pooling mechanism of ROSCAs: preliminary evidences from Wenzhou and TaizhouSociological Study, 2006, vol. 4