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MPA Education Center of Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is one of the first 24 universities to set up Master of Public Administration (MPA) program and the admission has been open to the whole society since 2001. By offering MPA program degree education, academic education, advanced training in Public Administration, and International MPA Education, etc, the Center aims to cultivate first-class talents in the field of public administration.


MPA education in Zhejiang University has unique educational philosophies, a leading knowledge system and excellent experience in ability development. The Center has integrated resources of government, corporate and research at home and abroad, on and outside the campus, has built linkage mechanism among the academic circles, the political circles and the industry, and has been focusing on training students’ ability to solve current practical problems in China.


Zhejiang University and the Western Development Office of the State Council have cooperated in the Western MPA Education Project. With the strong support of the Ministry of Education, the students’ enrollment has extended to all the western provinces and municipalities (districts). This project has constructed the new elite-training model . that the eastern universities serve the western development strategy and has nurtured a large number of public administrators with the reforming spirit and innovation awareness for the western region.


MPA Education Center of Zhejiang University is in charge of MPA students’ enrollment, teaching, and degree-conferring, etc. It has set up 10 teaching practice bases. Up to June 2009, the MPA Education Center has enrolled 1838 students, among whom 503 students are from the western region and 752 students have their degrees awarded. In October 2006, as a pilot unit, the center was the first institution to pass the National Assessment of MPA Teaching Qualification with outstanding results. In April 2009, the Western MPA Education Project of Zhejiang University was awarded the first prize of Teaching Achievement by Zhejiang Provincial Government.