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Institute of Government and the Enterprise of Zhejiang University

The Research Institute of Government and the Enterprise of Zhejiang University was established in December 2005, with members from Economic Research Institute in the School of Economics, Institute of Regional Economic and Urban Economic Research Center, Innovation and Development Research Center in the School of Management and other research institutions. The institute is composed with 17 full-time teachers, of which 7 professors (including 4 doctoral tutor), 6 associate professors. And also employs many senior scholars from home and abroad as visiting professor. Now it has built doctor station of education economic and management, and jointly built doctor stations of political economics and business management. Mainly the direction of research concentrated in: regional economic integration, enterprises and government relations, business strategy and social responsibility research, innovation and sustainable development. Members of institute have been in charged of a number of national social science fund projects, natural science fund projects and ministries of research topics, and also bear research projects entrusted by many companies.

The institute roots in the reality of economic development of the Yangtze River Delta region, starts scientific research, policy advice and education training of home and abroad, provides high-quality research achievements to government and enterprises, then provides scientific basis for the government's development strategy and the relevant policy; provides specialized services for all levels governments to develop practical regional and socio-economic development of the overall city planning, spatial planning and various thematic planning; provides scientific decision-making advice, services and guidance for enterprise management and personnel of social training high-quality regional economic and urban management.