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            OPEN POSITIONS

RCSTEP,Zhejiang University

1. Management Science and Engineering (Development and Planning of Science, Technology & Education)

2. Education Economy and Education Management


In 1986, “Industry Management Engineering (Science, Technology and Education Management Engineering)” doctoral degree program was built, later, the title of the program was changed as “Management Science and Engineering”. Since 1998, the doctoral program began to recruit doctors by name of “Development and Planning of Science, Technology & Education”. In 2003, another doctoral degree program of “Education Economy and Education Management” was offered. In 2005, as one of “The Strategy Research Base of the State Education Ministry”, the Research Center for Science, Technology and Education Policy (RCSTEP) of Zhejiang University was founded.



With science, technology and education policy as its research objects, the center undertakes an interdisciplinary research into the technological development and the reformation of higher education, provides consultation for the nation to facilitate the strategy of thriving China through science and education, and cultivates first-class interdisciplinary talents in the area of science and education policies. It is directly guided by the Science and Technology Committee of Education Ministry and undertakes the research tasks dispatched by relative bureaus. It is responsible for the consulting research programs of national ministries and commissions such as CAE, CAS, Ministry of Science and Technology, Development and Reform Commission. Other research projects are from the National Science Foundation, National Foundation of Social Science, National Education and Science Projecting Fund.


The center has the right to confer Doctor degree and Master degree of “Educational Economics and Management” and “Management Science and Engineering (Science and Technology Education Management Engineering)”. The two programs at this center enroll graduate students only. Presently, there are 9 professors, 2 associate professors, 1 lecturer, 3 post-doctors, 64 Ph.D candidates, 70 graduate students (including 42 MPA students) in RCSTEP. By the end of June, 2010, 46 Ph.D candidates in the center have attained their doctorates in Management Science.


With the mission of “To Thrive China by Science and Education, and to Reform and Innovate”, the specific tasks of RCSTEP are set forth as follows:


§ to be involved in the research into the development strategy and planning of national science and education, and provide high-level political suggestions


§ to participate in the previous research and planning on strategies of reformation and development of Zhejiang University, in the designing of relative policies and in the experiment of the reformation and innovation of engineering education


§ to participate in the research into the cooperative innovation of regional science, technology, education and economy, and in the project research on the significant issues of the development of other schools, and then to provide consultation of relative decision making


§ to join the international and regional cooperation in the development of science and education, and then to facilitate the internationalization of science and education


§ to strengthen the construction of relative disciplines in Science Education Management Engineering and cultivate interdisciplinary talents in the study and management of science, technology and education strategies