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Center for Local Governance Studies

Center for Local Governance Studies at Zhejiang University (CLGS) is one of first batch of Philosophy and Social Sciences key research bases in Zhejiang Province. Established in 2006, it has 14 core professors. Depending on the talents and resources in the disciplines, such as politics, sociology, rural social history and the foreign political philosophy, it focuses on Chinese village change, local administration innovation, and urban social organization development. It has functions of the interdisciplinary research, administrative consultation study, expertise training and data bank and so on.


The international academic exchanges of CLGS, has expanded to universities and research institutes in Denmark, the United States, and the Great Britain. There are cooperative research and exchange programs between CLGS and the Political Science College of Turin University in Italy. Professors in CLGS participate in important international conferences or lectures in abroad for more than times. And CLGS has received more than 10 visiting professors and graduate students from abroad.


CLGS provides the policy research and the experimental study service for the provincial and municipal governments, and 6 professors from CLGS are policy consultants of Hangzhou municipal government or member of the standing committee of Political Consultative Conference in Zhejiang Province. It undertakes frontier studies on people’s livelihood, democratic roundtable consultation and the party reform in mainland China. In addition, Professors from CLGS, as public scholars, take advantage of the influential mass media to disseminate research results of social sciences. 


CLGS explores the culture mechanism of young researchers (including Ph.D.), and expands the leading role in the academic field in the Province. CLGS provides more research programs to the outstanding postgraduates to establish long-term contacting with them. Since 2007, CLGS has been hosting academic salon, which is an important academic arena among well-known professors as well as young talents and postgraduates. This project was awarded first prize for teaching at Zhejiang University in 2008.


CLGS website (www.clgs.cn) includes columns of CLGS scholars collections, rural studies, local administration innovation, urban communities, society and culture in western China, academic frontiers in abroad, each of which has updated information every day.