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Center for Civil Affairs Studies

Center for Civil Affairs Studies at Zhejiang University (CCAS) is established by Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau and Zhejiang University. It is a research institute, which is pegged to the Social Sciences Academy of Zhejiang University.


CCAS aims to strengthen the cooperation between Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau and Zhejiang University. To become talent bank and national platform for civil affairs studies, and to become expertise training bases, CCAS is to promote the theory and practice of civil services and people’s welfare. It has the following functions:


Policy Research. Focusing on the problems of civil affairs practice, CCAS undertakes researches on civil affairs policy and its implementation.


Fundamental research. To carry out fundamental theoretical study on civil affairs to strengthen the Discipline of Civil Affairs, CCAS undertakes sustaining, fundamental and empirical studies on important fields of civil affairs, such as urban and rural community development and grass-root social governance, civil society and social organizations, social assistance, social welfare, and social work, ect.


Expertise Training. CCAS is to carry out the training of cadres who are in charge of administration of civil affairs, professionals of civil affairs, and social workers. CCAS provides bases for Zhejiang University to grant degree of Master of Social Work, and to establish department of social work.


Research organizations. Based on Zhejiang University, CCAS is to integrate research resources from the whole nation. In accordance with requirements of civil affairs administration in Zhejiang province, it is to design research projects, and to organize bidding topics, research and evaluation. It is to organize academic exchanges, hold “Civil Affairs Forum” every year, and to compile and publish research results. It is to create circumstance for all concerned to participate in civil affairs studies.