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Center for European Studies


Center for European Studies is established in October, 2002. The purpose for this centre is to expand and enhance the international influence and fame of Zhejiang University and this centre, enhance communion and cooperation between colleges and research institutions by European studies, and contribute to establish the leadership of the internal centers for European studies.


In October, 2007, the Centre for European Studies of Zhejiang University was accepted by the ECAN as a formal Member



YAO Xianguo, Chair of CES’s Board. consisting of prestigious personalities and persons who are financially supporting the CES and contributing to its activities.

Li Jinshan, Executive Director of ZJU CES

Lin Ka, Vice-Director, of ZJU CES

He Zhaohui, Vice-Director, co-ordinator of the CES project

Pan Xuequan, the vice president of ZJU, Chair of CES’s Scholarly



Issues supposed to be initially focused on

a) Matters related to trade defence instruments , in particular anti-dumping issues;

b) Functional integration and the stabilization of the north-Est –Asian region;

c) SMEs, studying the conditions needed to foster innovation and  growth and bilateral cooperation with EU partners;

d) Recommending how best the public and private sectors can work together in reducing counterfeiting and strengthening intellectual property rights ;

e) Governance issues: good governance/ corporate social responsibility (CSR) / industry-government cooperation;

f) Adapting the EU tool of multi-stakeholder dialogues to China.




ZJU yearbook of European studies as CES’s flagship publication, would provide a forum for the scrutiny of important issues in European studies. The papers presented are at the cutting edge of the fields which they address, and reflect the views of scholars on campus. In long terms, the whole series on European studies of ZJU is expected to speak to scholarly audiences and a wider public.



Information build-up

With the view of broadening the base of Sino-European information and interchange, a CES is literally building and sustain the knowledge base on European issues -ranging from exploiting internet resources to purchasing books and reference materials on European studies- from which research fellows, teaching staff and the business community will be able to draw relevant and updated information for improving their understanding of Europe.


Main activities

■ Promotion of Inter-school education cooperation

From 14 Oct, 2008, Courses of teaching project between ZJU and Catholic University Louvain BE started First round of teaching project includes 5 courses given by professors from Catholic University Louvain BE.


20062008, CES had arranged a variety of academic lectures and courses, and more than 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students attended by the centre. CES is cultivating the staff on European affairs through the system course in 2008.


■ Main conferences organized

2008 EU-China Hangzhou Roundtable on Better Regulation, 2008.9

1st Liangzhu Forum: Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility, 2008.11

2009Life&Development International Forum, 2009.11