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Message from Dean

China is in a great era of accelerating its process of realizing modernization and building a harmonious society. Public administration, public policy and government innovation have become increasingly important.


Promoting the harmonious development of economy, society and biological environment, deepening the reform and innovation of government administrative system and social management system, coordinating the interests relationship among different social groups and regions, eradicating the contradictions and conflicts in the economic and social transition are not only the challenges to the wisdom of scholars in the field of public administration, but also the mission of the times. Public Administration College of Zhejiang University, which has merged on the critical occasion of the change of Chinese economic growth means and the transition of social development models, should be brave enough to shoulder the heavy burden without giving up. We will stick to the belief ‘Take the truth as all faith, take the world as our mission’, set the target of ‘nurturing the modern leaders with international visions’, move towards the objective of ‘demand-oriented and serving the society’, find a foothold in China, keep track of the academic frontiers, refine the directions of subjects, form its special features of running a school, learn from our counterparts home and abroad modestly, and learn from the practice and the society. All the staff at the college should work hard together without fearing hardships in the course of exploration and full of enthusiasm when serving the society, making their corresponding contributions to the training of talents and theoretical innovation in the field of public administration.