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Notice on the Lecture Given by Professor Walter J. M. Kickert



ThemeHow European Governments Managed the Fiscal Crisis in 2008-2011

LecturerProfessor Walter J. M. Kickert(University of Erasmus, Holland)

HostProfessor Yu Jianxing

Time14 o’clock, 22nd  May (Wednesday)

PlaceRoom 206, School of Publice Affairs


A Brief Introduction on the Lecturer

Walter J.M. Kickert (born 1950) has graduated at the University of Utrecht in experimen­tal physics, afterwards has been research assistant at the Queen Mary College, London University, in the field of ‘fuzzy set theory’ and has completed his dissertation at the department of Organisation Sciences of the Techni­cal University Eindhoven.

In 1990 he was appointed as professor of public management at the depart­ment of Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam.He has conducted research on Reforms in Public Management and Organisation.His is interested in international comparative research into public management and administrative reform.

    Walter J.M. Kickert has extensive experience in conducting contract-research and in consultan­cy work for various ministries and other public organisations. In 1995-96 he worked as a consultant at the strategic policy bureau of the ministry of Agricul­tu­re, Nature and Fishery.

For publications see: http://www.eur.nl/fsw/bsk/profiles/profiel_mis/10147/

School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University

20th May, 2013