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Students’ Activities


Students’ activities in College of Public Administration stick to the main principle of ‘promote the improvement of students’ overall comprehensive quality and train the high- quality talents of public administration. With the development of students’ Party and League organizations as carrier and upgrading the students’ quality as approach, one trinity work system including instruction, management and service will be set up through the ideological education, life planning,  science research training, campus culture, social practice, volunteer service, psychotherapy, international exchanges and students activities so as to  lead the students from success to excellence, from excellence to predomination and to train the excellent talents for government and public management.


The college will hold on to the path of ‘brand’ and ‘Excellence’, creating the high-standard activities with the content of ‘Public’ and ‘Management’ such as ‘Series  of Activities on Fostering Leading Capability of Students’, ‘ Training Camp of Talented Students’, ‘Imitating Mayors’ Forum’, ‘Post-doctoral Instruction Activities’. We will try our best to build up the power of influence of  guiding students at College of Public Administration, which will base on Zhejiang University , face the whole China and keep track of the international trend.