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CPA Facts: Introduction

Located in the beautiful Yuquan campus, the College of Public Administration of Zhejiang University (CPA-ZJU in short) was founded in the July of 2005. With the belief of ‘Truth as Faith and World Affair as Responsibility’, the CPA-ZJU keeps the education principle to cultivate future leaders with international vision and public spirit. The CPA-ZJU provides good facilities for teaching, research, management and service.

Presently, the CPA-ZJU consists of seven departments, which respectively are Department of Public Governance, Department of Land Resource Management, Department of Public Policy and Public Economics, Department of Social Security and Risk Management, Department of Information Resource Management, Department of Political Science, and Department of Sociology. Under its administration, there are 1 strategic research base of Ministry of Education, 2 key research bases of philosophy and social sciences of Zhejiang province, 9 university-level research institutes, 10 university-level inter-discipline research centers, 4 school-level research centers, as well as the MPA Education Center. Additionally, Management Training Center of Zhejiang University is our international training center jointly with the Ministry of Education of China and Hans Seidel Foundation of Germany.

The CPA-ZJU has set up a post-doctor station of Public Administration. The college provides 1 primary discipline doctoral program of Public Administration with 7 subordinate discipline doctoral programs and one subordinate discipline doctoral program in Political Science. In addition, the college has 4 additional joint doctoral programs with other colleges, 1 primary discipline master program, 16 subordinate discipline master programs and 10 bachelor programs. The college strives not only for improvements in teaching and research work, but also for the professional promotion and long-life learning. In short, the CPA-ZJU has established a well completed education and training system covering undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs, professional programs and continuing education.

The CPA-ZJU has 130 faculties and staffs, including 32 professors, 50 associate professors. Currently, there are 23 PhD supervisors, 60 master supervisors and 44 post-doctor fellows. The college now has 489 full-time undergraduates, 453 graduates including 192 PhD candidates and 261 master students, and 985 MPA students.

The college carries out widely national and international exchanges of students and faculties, and has built excellent cooperative relationship with foreign universities and institutes. In 2009, the CPA-ZJU organized 5 international academic conferences and 1 cross-strait workshop. In addition, we obtained 16 foreign expert grants from the university, hosted 230 person-time delegations (Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan included). Meanwhile, 65 person-times of faculties conducted cooperative research, gave speeches in international conferences, attended training and education programs at countries and regions outside of mainland of China, such as the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and so on.

Aiming at excellence and innovation, we are headed for a world-class public administration college with a global vision. The college will go on integrating our high quality educational resources and working better inter-disciplinary advantages to cultivate public administration talents meeting social needs, to promote roles of Zhejiang University in the field of public administration, and to improve our social services. In a word, the College of Public Administration of Zhejiang University will make efforts to become one of most important education institutions of public administration talents, one of important theories pools of public administration theories, and one of key think-tanks for the government and other public departments in China.