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Research at CPA

Research achievements of the College of

Public Administration, Zhejiang University


Since its establishment, the College of Public Administration (the College) has always been working on the goal of building a first class pubic administration school, and attaches great importance to the development and improvement of incentive policies on scientific research. In 2008, the College, in accordance with the status quo of scientific research and requirements for scientific development, revised and improved “Rules of the College of Public Administration on Scientific Research Incentives” on the basis of extensive consultations. The implementation of a series of programs, such as the annual "Scientific Research Star" and "Star of Growth”, also plays significantly exemplary roles in setting up scientific research pacemakers and encouraging landmark research achievements.


Since its foundation, the College has totally undertaken more than 1,000 research projects, more than 80 of which are major, key or general state-level projects. In particular, the number of National Natural Science Fund projects undertaken by the College increases sharply in recent years, and the project approval/application rate of the College has, for four consecutive years, come out top among all schools and colleges of Zhejiang University. So far, more than 80 million RMB research funds in total have been credited to the College, and the annual research grant of the College ranked at the forefront of all schools/colleges of humanities and social sciences in Zhejiang University. The College also has won over 70 provincial/ministerial and municipal scientific research awards and major breakthroughs have been made at provincial /ministerial level first-class awards with five first prizes. Staffs at the College have published more than 1,600 academic papers, and written and edited more than 210 academic works and teaching books.


In 2009, both the amount research funds and the number of approved national and provincial projects registered a historical high level. Research funds reached 25,080,800 RMB. The amount of national major projects, the National Social Science Fund projects and the National Natural Science Foundation projects and the number of articles included in the SSCI, SCI, EI, ISTP and ISSHP all witnessed substantial increases.


ü  Approved National major projects - 2

ü  National Social Science Foundation projects - 4.

ü  National Natural Science Foundation projects - 10.

ü  Research prizes at provincial/ministerial level or above - 18.

ü  First-class journal articles - 112, authoritative journal  papers - 21, papers included by SSCI - 9, papers included by SCI - 6, papers included by EI - 4; published monographs - 15, edited and teaching books - 17, translation works - 7.

ü  Significant increase in the number of high-level scientific research: the National Natural Science Foundation project presided by Professor YAO Xianguo, and the National Social Science Fund project presided by Professor CHEN Guoquan and Professor QIAN Xueya were rated as excellent.



A number of scientific research achievements of the College have been adopted by various government departments at all levels and played positive roles in solving practical problems of major social significance. To cite a few examples: the research on the “Suggestions on speeding up the integration of social medical insurance system for urban and rural residents” by Professor HE Wenjiong was accepted and put into practice by the Government of Zhejiang Province, and has received written comments from ZHAO Hongzhu, CPC Secretary of Zhejiang Province and LV Shanzu, Governor of Zhejiang Province; “Recommendations on the Science and Engineering Education innovations” by Professor ZOU Xiaodong and other contributors received written comments from State Councilor LIU Yandong and was adopted by Chinese Academy of Sciences; “Government waste problems and countermeasures” authored by Professor Fan Bonai was honored with comments from Premier WEN Jiabao; “Major difficulties in promoting ‘new rural insurance’ in eastern districts and policy advices” by Professor YU Jian-Xing received important comments from Premier WEN Jiabao and Vice Premier ZHANG Dejiang. In September 2008, the College established “Public Policy Research Centre of Zhejiang University”. Subsequently, with the support of the relevant government departments of Zhejiang Province, “Institute for Public Policy Research, Zhejiang University” was set up. In 2009, the College established “Zhejiang University Research Centre on Community Building in China” with the support of Ministry of Civil Affairs, and also established “Zhejiang University Research Center on Civil Affairs" with the support of Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhejiang Province, with the objectives of promoting the combination of theoretical studies and decision-making practices and enhancing the College’s capacity to provide services to decision-making of local party and government departments.