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Guide to the Reference Room

Guide to the Reference Room, the College of Public Administration


Welcome to the Reference Room of the College of Public Administration!

This guide will help first-time readers to get familiar with the Reference Room as soon as possible.


.Collection Distribution

Collections of literatures in the Reference Room are divided into three categories: books, periodicals and newspapers.

Books are classified into general books and reference books.

Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, etc.): displayed on reference book shelves.

General books: kept on the general book shelves.

Periodicals are classified into back-issue periodicals and current-issue periodicals.

Back-issues (periodicals of previous years in bound volumes): kept on the general book shelves.

Current-issue periodicals (periodicals of the current year): displayed on the periodical racks.

Newspapers of the current month are displayed on the newspaper racks in the Reference Room, while the rest are kept on general book shelves.


Ⅱ.Registration and Borrowing

1. Registration

The Reference Room mainly provides services for teachers, staffs, graduates and undergraduates of the College of Public Administration.

Entry into the Reference Room is permitted with a staff card, a student card or a graduate card, while only the University campus card can be used to borrow books. New teachers and students must first apply for the campus cards.

If a campus card is lost, you must report to the Campus Card Management Center in time and all borrowed books shall be returned.

Teachers leaving the College or students graduating from the University shall, before leaving or graduation, return all borrowed books and cancel the campus card‘s borrowing function from the Reference Room.


2. Book Lending Rules

Lending service beneficiary: Teachers, graduate students and postdoctoral candidates at the College of Public Administration are entitled to borrow books from the Reference Room.

Coverage of lending: Books to be borrowed are limited to general books. Reference books, periodicals and newspapers are only for indoor viewing, not lending. If it’s necessary to copy relevant books, registration shall be made in advance and relevant books must be returned on the same day, otherwise a fine of 1.00 RMB / book / day will apply.

Number of borrowed books: Teachers and post-doctoral candidates can borrow up to 10 books, and for graduate students are 5 books.

Borrowing period: Teachers and post-doctoral candidates can keep books for 90 days, and for graduates are 60 days. Borrowers could go through renewal procedures if there are special needs. However, in case of overdue, teachers and postdoctoral candidates will be suspended from borrowing new books and graduates will be subject to a fine of 0.10 RMB / book/day.

Compensation of loss: If any book is damaged or lost, the compensation will be 5-10 times of the value of the book.


Ⅲ.Consultations and Services

The Reference Room has a consultation and borrowing service desk, open daily and specially, with the staffs to answer the readers’ questions and provide related services.