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Department of Information Resources Management


The Department of Information Resource Management was officially established on November 15, 2003 at the University and merged into the College of Public Administration in September 2006. It has offered programs of doctor degree (Doctor of Management) in information resource management, mater degrees (Master of Management) in information resource management, and library, information and archival studies, as well as bachelor degree (Bachelor of Management) in information resource management.


In line with the foundations and social development demands, the department and institute have set the following as primary directions of research: informetrics and quantitative information analysis, electronic government and government information management, integrated information resource management, and so on. The professors in the department and the institute are responsible for 3 research projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation in China (NSFC), 1 by the National Social Science Foundation, and some by federal and provincial foundations.


Department Head: Professor Fu Rongxiao

Deputy Department Head:Associate Professor Pan Youneng