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Department of Government


The Department of Government was founded in October, 2005, which is committed to promoting the performance of government innovation and advancing interdisciplinary sciences research into key aspects of public administration. After years of rapid development, the department is recognized as a national leader in the provision of high quality, discipline-based and degree programmes. We offer a wide range of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level to students from China and around the world, including Bachelor of Administration(BA), Undergraduate of Public Administration(UPA) which is open to those who are non-mainly majored in public administration with interest in the field, Master of Administration(MA), Master of Public Administration(MPA) and Doctor of Public Administration (DPA). The department has enrolled 40 doctorate candidates, 198 postgraduates, around 700 MPA and 66 undergraduates since 2006.


The Department of Government has strived to place itself at the vanguard of local government innovation, and focus on the research of Civil Society and Governance, Performance Evaluation of Local Government, Relationship between Government and Enterprise, Social Policy and Nontraditional Security. Today the research of Civil Society and Governance, Nontraditional Security and Performance Evaluation of Local Government has evolved into one of the most eminent research institutions with domestic reach, some of those achievements enjoy a international influence.


Department Head: Professor Fan Bonai

Deputy Department Head: Associate Professor Xu Li