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            OPEN POSITIONS

Chen Lijun- Professor


Her research interests include individual and organizational integrity; public confidence on government; human resource management in private and public sectors; organizational behavior (psychological contracts, organizational commitment).


Education Background

2006-2007: Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar, Wright State University, United States.

2006(4-6): Visiting Scholar, Kiel University, Germany

1999-2004: Ph.D. Program in Applied Psychology (human resource management) Zhejiang University;

1989-1992: Mater program in Educational Psychology (Psychological Measurement oriented). Hangzhou University;

1985-1989:  Bachelor program in Educational Psychology, Hangzhou University.


Academic Services

- Vice Director of Talent development and strategy research center of Zhejiang province (2009-) ;


 Professional Activities

- Peer reviewer of research proposals of China National Science Fund (2004-)

- Reviewer of Acta Psychology Sinica(2004-)

- Reviewer of Nankai Business Review(2005-)

- Reviewer of IACMR international conference(2009)

- Member, International Association for Chinese Management Research

- Member, Zhejiang Provincial Psychology Association



2009.12-current professor in Department of Government, College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University;

2005-2009.12 Associate Professor, in Department of Government, College of PublicAdministration,  Zhejiang University;

1998-2005:        Lecturer , Associate Professor in Department of Economics, Department of Public Administration, College of Economics, Zhejiang University

1992-1998: Clinical psychologist;  Division Manager, Education & Training Division, Zhejiang Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities. Acting co-director, Training Program of UNICEF China Orphanage Project (1996-1998). Assistant manager, Rehabilitation Division, Zhejiang Rehabilitation Center for Children with   Disabilities. Coordinator, China Program of HOPE Volunteer Association (an international charity organization).



Awards and Honors

-2009, the paper “ Individualism, collectivism, selected personality traits, and psychological contract in employment- a comparative study” got Highly Commended Awards excellence 2009 of Emerald LiteratiNetwork

-2008, excellent teaching award of Zhejiang University;

-2007life honorary member, “Alpha Kappa Epsilon International Business Honor Society”.

-2007Member, Gramma Delta Chapter Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for international Scholars.

-2005: “Excellent tutor Award”, Zhejiang University.

-2002: “Excellent Teacher Award”, Zhejiang Provincial Advanced Teaching Skill Competition for Young Teachers.



Public Confidence on Government; Integrity management;

Human resource management in private and public sector




The Nature, assessment and dynamics of Integrity, (Beijing, Economic Science Press, 2009)



Policy performance assessment based on policy awareness: an empirical study on

integrated Urban-rural employment promotion policy in Huzhan Zhejiang province(in

Chinese). Journal of Public Administration . 126),200912月,Lijun Chen, Jianxing

Yu,Yaoqiong Zhang.

The evolution and characteristic of talent policies in Zhejiang province in recent 30 year after rollout of opendooran empirical study based on content analysis, Proceedings of 2009 International Conference on Public Administration(5th ),Vol.3, 2009,11, Chen Lijun, Xu Chengdong, Li Canhui

Situational judgment integrity in decision-making: A comparison study of the US students and Chinese students(abstract)International Journal of Psychology, 2008,8. Vol.43, No(3/4). Lijun Chen.

Empirical study on the construct and assessment of government integrity under Chinese background. Proceedings of 2008 International Conference on Public Administration(4th), 2008. Vol.1: 419-432. Chen Li-jun, ,Zhang Cun-ru.

Individualism, collectivism, selected personality traits, and psychological contract in employment __a comparative study. Management Research News. 2008,4. Vol.31, No.4: 289-304. Zhao Jun, Chen Lijun.

Government Integrity: the sources and bases of government credibility(in Chinese). Chinese Social Science Digest, 2008, No.58216-218, Chen Lijun*, Zhang Cunru. ( Copied from Journal of the Party School of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, 2008, Vol.30, No.326-33, Chen Lijun, Zhang Cunru).

 “Individual integrity Decision Behavior under the Framework of Loss-and-gain Perception”( in Chinese), The Review of New Political Econmy.2006, Vol.2(2): 4-29, Chen Lijun

Organizational Integrity: Organizational Ethics and behavior beyond leader’s individual integrity(in Chinese), The Copied Newspapers and Magazines Data: Ethics (Renmin University), 2006,No.179-85Chen Lijun. (Copied from Modern Philosophy, 2005,No.4105-112Chen Lijun*).

Hybrid organization: a governance model of authority and market(in Chinese), Economic Management, 2008, No. 12:17-23. Chen Lijun

Managerial competence oriented situational judgment tests and construct validation(abstract), International Journal of Psychology, 2004,12. Vol.39,No(5/6). Jin YH; Chen LJ*;Wang ZM..


Research Projects Awarded

2010-2012: Experiment study on the dynamics of Guanxi’s role in entrepreneur’s ethical decision making_ based on social exchange. Supported by National Nature Science Fund of PRC.

2009-2010: The government employment system in promoting integration of urban and rural area, supported by Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy & Social Science Research Base ( key project)

2008-2009: A empirical study on the  relationship of government public service and government credibility – a case study of Zhejiang Province, supported by Zhejiang Provincial Social Science Planning Office.

2004-2006: Integrity Decision-making of Chinese Entrepreneur under Loss-Gain Framework, Supported by National Nature Science Fund of PRC.

2004-2005: Public Department Employee’s Psychological Contract and Organizational Integrity, Supported by Zhejiang Educational Bureau.