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            OPEN POSITIONS

Fu Rongxiao- Professor


His research interests include Archives Management, Electronic Records Management, Social Informatization  and E-Government.


Education Background:

-20002004 Zhejiang University, PH.D.

The topic of dissertation: The Study on the Administrative System and Administrative Ability of the Earlier Stage of Nanjing Nationalist Government.

-1988-1991, Remin University of China, MS in Records management.

The topic of dissertation: the study on the theory of documents life cycle

-1984-1988, Hangzhou University, BS in history.

The topic of dissertation: On Management System Of Records


Academic Services:

Member of Chinese Archive Institute Council

Vice president of Zhejiang archives socity


Awards and Honors:

1997 Study on The Life Cycle Theory Of Records, achieved the third prize of the forth Chinese archive institute excellent paper production

1999 Scientific And Technological Record Management And Practice (the second author)  the third prize of the production of the bureau of Zhejiang province

2003 Study On The Rule Of Record Movement , the second prize of the third national colleges and universities excellent production of ministry of education, the first prize of the third Chinese archive institute excellent works

2003 The Observation on the Electronic Record Form the Technological Revolution, achieved the third prize of the forth Chinese archive institute excellent paper production



Since July 1991 worked in Zhejiang University



Study on practice and theory of Archives appraisal 2007.9 by China archives Publishing Company

Network spread and education,(the first author)2001.6 by FuDan University Publishing Company

The Modernization Of Record Management 2002.8 by Zhejiang University Publishing Company

Study On The Rule In Movement Of Documents> (the second author) 1999.9, By Chinese Record Publishing Company

The Management And Practice Of The Scientific And Technological Records, (the second author), 1997, by Hangzhou University Publishing Company