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            OPEN POSITIONS

Guo Xiajuan- Professor


Her research interests include:

Research interests cover two main areas: ethics in practice and womens studies. The former is related to ethics in public administration; ethics in business; ethics in the relationships between government and corporations; the enterprisers social responsibility in the developed private sector areas in China, ethics in environmental policies and management in China, and etc. the latter covers feminist ethics; women’s political participations; female enterprisers’ political participations and social responsibility; women’s political participations in rural areas in China, and etc. I have been worked in the relative projects for many years. Recently I have has been engaged in environmental policy and management in China’s local government, including ethics of environment and women’s role in environment and policy-making and environment protection. Teaching interests include Ethics: Theory and Practice; Ethics in Public Administration; Public Administration and Management; Feminist Politics       


Education Background:

-Doctor of Philosophy: 1999, Zhejiang University

      Thesis Title: A Defense of Justice: Feminism and Rawls

-Master of Philosophy: 1987, Renmin University of China

      Thesis Title: On the System of Mill’s Utilitarian Moral Principle

-Bachelor of Philosophy: 1981, Hangzhou University

      Thesis Title: A Researching of Aristotelianism


Academic Services:

1998-now Professor of Politics and Public Administration, Zhejiang University

2007-2008 Research Fellow, Nottingham University, UK.

2005-2006 Visiting Fellow, Nottingham University, UK.

2001-2002 Visiting Fellow, Murdoch University, Australia

1987-1988 Associate Professor, Hangzhou University

1982-1986 Lecture, Zhejiang Medical University

1995-now Secretary-General, Zhejiang Association of Ethical Studies

2000-now Member of Standing Committee, Zhejiang Association of Public




Feminist Politics

Political Writings

Political thoughts in the West

Ethics in pubic administration     

Public Administration and Managemen




Public Ethics: theory and practice (forthcoming)

Ethics in Public Administration (Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2003,enewly edition in 2007)


Selected Articles:

Women’s Political Potential under an equal participation: the Case of Democratic Consultation”, Zhejiang Academic Journal, 2 April 2006, pp.191-197.

Women's Participation in Village Autonomy in China: Evidence from Zhejiang Province”, The China Quarterly, V0l.(3), 2009,pp.145-164.

Gender and Environmental Security: a critique of feminism and its expectation”,  World Economics and Politics, 1, January 2006, pp. 41-47

Women/ Wealth/ Politics: Female Entrepreneurs’ Political Participation”, Journal of China Women’s University, 2 April 2006, pp.34-41.

An Moral Intermediation: the Case of Dejia Community in Hangzhou”, Zhejiang Social Sciences, 5 September, 2005, pp.198-230.

Governance in Urban Community and Moral Regulation: the Case Study of Dejia in Zhejiang’s Hangshou, China”, Zhejiang Social Science, 5, October 2005, pp.44-60

Effectiveness: Still the key value in the reform of government efficiency”, Journal of Tianjing Administration University, 2, March 2005, pp.65-72.

 Re-understanding Rawls’s Justice Principles: a Feminist Critique”,  Philosophical Trends, 11, November 2005, pp.41-16.


Selected Book Chapters:

Women’s Participation in Local Governance: the Case of Zhejiang Province”, in Yu Xunda & Zhao Yongmao, eds. A Study on Participatiory Governance at the Local Level, (Hangzhou China: Zhejiang University Press, 2009)

Improvement of Construction of Local Governance: a Case of Wenzhou Government”, in Liao Junsong ed. A Sustainable Development in the Region: Experiences of Taiwan and China Continence, (Taibei Taiwan: Yuanzhao Publisher Ltd. 2009)

Ethos and Moral: Virtue in Government”, in Sheng Lijiang ed. Ethos and China’s Renaissance, (Hangzhou China, Zhejiang People’s Press House, 2005)


Selected Conference Presentations:

“Similarities and Differences of Both Sexes’s Participation in China’s Village Autonomy: Evidence from Zhejiang Province


Political Studies Association annual conference

April 2009, Manchester, UK.

 -“Equal Participation and Political Potential: a ginger perspective”,

 Conference on Participatory Governance at local level,

 September 2008, Taibei, Taiwan


-“Female managers’ Political Participation and Social Responsibility: the Case Study of Zhejiang’s Wenzhou”,

Conference on China’s Local Governance and Deliberative Democracy.

November 2005, Hangzhou