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            OPEN POSITIONS

Lin Ka- Professor


Lin Ka
Personal Information
PhD, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University
Postal Address: 866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou, 310058, P. R. China
E-mail: ka_lin_2004@aliyun.com 
Research Areas: *Social Policy (social policy theories, welfare state studies and comparative social policy, global governance and global social policy); *Social Security (income maintenance, poverty studies and social assistance, health care policy and housing policy); *Social Work (social welfare, community work, elderly welfare, child welfare, gender issue and disability welfare); *Sociology (quality of life and social quality, social indicators research, sustainable development and environmental policy); *Social Administration (urbanisation and population migration, social administration and local government, social innovation).
Career History
Teacher (tutor and lecturer, 1983-1994) in Dept. of Philosophy and Sociology, Hangzhou University;
Doctoral researcher (1994-1999) and research fellow (1999-2002) in Dept. of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Tampere, and Senior Researcher (2003-2006) in University of Turku (Finland);
Docents (2005-Present) in comparative social policy at University of Tampere and University of Turku.
Professor of social policy and social work in Dept. of Sociology, and the director of Social Policy Research Centre of Nanjing University (2005-2009), deputy director of the Chinese-Nordic Cultural Centre;
Professor (2009 to present) in College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University, the deputy director of the Centre For European Studies of Zhejiang University, and head in the Dept. of Social Security and Risk Management, Zhejiang University, and the deputy director in Institute of Sociological Studies at Zhejiang University, The exective director in the MSW Center (social work) of Zhejiang University..
Vice President, International Association on Social Quality, Chair, The Asian Observatary on Social Quality (AQSQ); a board member in The Social Policy Committee of the Chinese Sociological Association; a board member of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) in its “the Global China Group” and “Global Challenge—Understanding Global Culture” group, and a board member in the Chinese Association of Social Work Education. He is the editor of《International Journal of Social Quality》, an international editor of《Nordic Social Work Research》and was a guest editor of《Journal of Comparative Social Welfare》 and《Development and Sociology》.
Courses Taught:
For undergraduate students:
Introduction to Social Security; Thoughts/Theories of Social Security
For graduate students:
In Chinese: The International Comparison of Social Security Systems (for MA students); The Key Issues of Social Security (for PhD students); Social Administration and Social Policy (for PhD students)
In English: Social Policy and Social Development in Contemporary China(for International Students on the “China Studies” MA program); Social Policy Research (for Chinese students in MA program on executive administration), The Issue of Social Security and Welfare Services in China (for Nordic students on MA program)
Research Projects
1. Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change (EU project, the taking a sub-project on employment policy and social care), 2013-2017
2. The EU-China Collaborative Project on Environmental Participation (EU project, taking a sub-project on the institutional analysis), 2012-2014
3. The Studies on Environmental Protection on Sea Water of Zhejiang Province (the multi-disciplinary study project of Zhejiang University on Ocean), 2013-2014
4. Social Quality Theory and Harmonious Society (a key research project of the Chinese Foundation of Social Sciences), 2012-2014
5. On the Value Orientations of the Inter-sectoral Collaboration in Hangzhou City (Hangzhou municipal government), 2012-2013
6. The Twelfth Five-year Plan of Zhejiang Province on Social Welfare Development (Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau), 2010-2011
7. Life Quality and Social Quality: Studies on the Indicators System of Life Quality Evaluation in Hangzhou (Hangzhou municipal government), 2010-2011
8. Social Quality Theory and Social Construction (Zhejiang Provincial Government), 2010-2012
9. Social Justice and Income Redistribution (The Chinese Foundation of Social Sciences), 2008-2010
10. The Drug Users and the Prevention of AIDS in Nanjing City (The State Office of AIDS Prevention), 2008-2009
11. The International Theories of Social Construction (the focal project of the Chinese Foundation of Social Sciences, taking a sub-project on social security), 2006-2009
12. The Elite Researchers of China in the New Century (Ministry of Education), 2007-2009
13. Social Capital Studies (Academy of Finland, the participant), 2005-2006
14. Globalisation and the Chinese social policies (Academy of Finland, the participant), 2003-2004
15. The Cultural Foundation of the Scandinavian Welfare States (The Finnish Cultural Foundation), 2000-2002
Recent Publications (2013-)

* Ka Lin & Longfei Yi, “Social Policy and Social Administration: The Concepts, Features and Themes”, Social Sciences Journal(《社会科学辑刊》)2015.3

* Xusheng Zhang &Ka Lin, “Successful Aging and its Policy Implication”, Social Science Front (《社会科学战线》)2015.2.

*Pamela Abbott, Claire Wallace, Ka Lin, Christian Haerpfer,The Quality of Society and Life Satisfaction in China, Social Indicators Research (SSCI), 2015, DOI: 10.1007/s11205-015-0989-3.

*Ka Lin & Jiahua Zhang, Social Policy and the Society-building Process: The Experience from the Nordic States (《社会政策与社会建设:北欧经验》), Beijing: Renmin University of China, 2014.

*Ka Lin & Longfei Yi, “Participation and Empowerment: the Local Innovation of Enviornmental Goverance”, Exploration and Debate (《探索与争鸣》), 2014.11 .

*Ka Lin, “Social Quality and Happiness—An Analysis of the Survey Data from Three Chinese Cities”, Applied Research in Quality of Life (SSCI), 2014, DOI 10.1007/s11482-014-9352-0
*Ka Lin, Longfei Yi and Shuang Wu: “Housing Policy and the “New Citizens” of the Chinese City. On the Social Protection of Migrant Workers Regarding Their Residential Rights”. In Pauli Kettunen, Stein Kuhnle and Yuan Ren (eds.): Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic Countries, Helsinki: Nordic Centre of Excellence NordWel, 2014, pp. 211-227.
*Ka Lin, Pingjun Yin & Nicholas Loubere: “Social Support and the ‘Left Behind’ Elderly in Rural China: A Case Study from Jiangxi Province”, Journal of Community Health (SSCI), 2014, DOI 10.1007/s10900-014-9864-4
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