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            OPEN POSITIONS

Yao Xianguo- Professor

His research interests include Labor Economics, Political Economics, Social Security, Transition Economics.


Education Background:

1985~1987  Visiting Scholar, Department of Management, Munich Fachhochschule, Germany and Department of National Economics, Munich University, Germany

1982~1985  M.A., Department of Economics , Fudan University, China

1974~1977  B.A., Department of English Language, Anhui University, China


Academic Services:

2009~    Member of Expert Judge Panel, National Social Science Fund of China 1997~2003 ,2003~2006 ever

2009~    Director of Institute for Public Policy, Zhejiang Province

2007~    President of Zhejiang Society of Public Administration

2005~    Director of Labor Economics and Public Policy Research Center,

Zhejiang University

2001~    Member of National MPA Education Instruction Committee of China

1998~    Vice President of Chinese Industrial Economic Association

1995~    Member of Zhejiang Government Advisory Council

1992~    Member of China Association for Labor Studies

Visiting Professor of University of Witten-Herdecke (2004), City University of Hong Kong (2004)

Part-time Professor of Ocean University of China(2004), Zhejiang Provincial Party School, Wenzhou University, Zhengzhou University and Guizhou University


Awards and Honors:

1.    Special government allowance from State Council, China (since 1992)

2.    Leading scholar of young and middle age science and technology personnel of Zhejiang Province(2003)

3.    151 Talent Project” honor of Zhejiang Province (1997)

4.    Second Prize of The 14th Philosophy Social Science Excellent Achievement Papers, ”Family Income and Labor Force Participation of Married Women in Urban China”(With Tan lan),2007

5.    Second Pirize of The 11th Philosophy Social Science Excellent Achievement Papers,“The Human Capital Analysis of the Difference of Efficiency in different Enterprises (with Sheng Le) ,2003

6.    Second Prize of The 5th Deng Xiaoping Theory and The Important Thoughts of ‘Three Represents’ Research Excellent Achievement Papers, “Research on Relationship between Shanghai’s Becoming International Economic Center and Yangtze Delta Region Industrial Economy”,(with Chen Jian-jun), 2003

7.    Third Prize of The 10th Philosophy Social Science Excellent Achievement Papers, “The Basic Ways and Policy Measures of Performing the Strategy of ‘Go Out’ of Zhejiang Province” (with Zhao Wei and Huang Xian-hai),2002

8.    Excellent Paper of The 20th Anniversary of China Labor Study Association, “Remark on Labor Property Right Again” (with Guo Ji-qiang ),2002

9.    Third Prize of The 9th Philosophy Social Science Excellent Achievement Papers, “On Supply Management of Labor Market” (with Chen Ling), 2001



1999~2005  Professor, Executive Dean, College of Economics, Zhejiang University

1993~1999 Professor, Executive Dean, College of Trade & Economics, Zhejiang University

1992~1993 Professor, Executive Dean, College of Business, Zhejiang University

1991~1992 Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Economics, Zhejiang University

1987~1992 Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Zhejiang University

1985~1987 Visiting Scholar, Department of Management, Munich Fachhochschule, Germany and Department of National Economics, Munich University, Germany


Professional activities:


1.    “The Puzzle of Wages and Consumption in China”,“Beyond Revolution and Reforms: the People's Republic Looks Forward at 60” , Nottingham University , September 7-9,.2009

2.    “The Importance of Public Policies for China’s Economic Transformation”, Australia-China Social Policy Forum 2008‘Local Government and Social Policy’, The University of Western Australia, September 28-October 5, 2008

3.    Giving Speech “Reforming China and its gradually changing labor market”,” The 6th International Conference in Memory of Professor Marco Biagi:The case for a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to Labour Relations”, Università Di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Modena ,Italy, March11-20,2008

4.    “Quality Control System and Assessment of MPA Education in China” , International Quality Conference for Public Affairs Education,National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA,US), Dubai, U.A.E,December 8-9,2007

5.    “The Introduction and Analysis of MPA Project for the Western China,Zhejiang University”,“International Seminar on the Degree Education of Civil Servent” ,Marco,November 6-9,.2007

6.    Giving Speech at the Conference on Southern Engines of Global Growth: China, India, Brazil, and South Africa’,The United Nations University's World Institute for Development Economics Research UNU-WIDER,Finland,September 7-8,2007

7.    Present at the 68th Annual ASPA National Conference,Wangshingon DCUSMar, 2007



1. “Mechanism of Urban-rural Labor Market Integration and its Implementation”, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2010~2013

2.“Establishing United Labor Market of China’s Rural and Urban Areas and Achieving Equal Employment”, funded by Ministry of Education, China, 2007~2009

3. “Human Capital Investment and Labor Market Management in China”, funded by National Natural Science Foundation, 2003~2006

4. “Consummating System of Labor Security and Foundation Security”, funded by Government of Zhejiang Province, 2005~2007

5. “Local State and Private Networks in China-Harnessing Political Entrepreneurship through New Forms of Public-Private Cooperation”, funded by the Dutch Research Council, 2004~2007

6. “Administrative Systems of Scientific Credit”, funded by National Key Technologies R&D Programme, 2002~2006



2005~    Comparative Economics (Graduate School, Zhejiang University)

2005~    Modern Labor Economics (Graduate School, Zhejiang University)

2003~    Labor Relations and Labor Policy(College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University)

2003~2006 Public Human Resource Management(College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University)




1.    Liberation of Productive Forces: Transition of the Labor Market in Zhejiang (with Guo Ji-qiang, Le Jun-jie, Sheng le), Zhejiang University Press, 2008,Hangzhou, China

2.    Labor Economics and Public Policy Studies Series (with Guo Dong-jie, Li Xu, Le Jun-jie, Zhu Hai-jiu, Ni Yun-long, Chen Jian-jun ), Zhejiang University Press,2006,Hangzhou, China



1.    “Examining the Impact of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth in China”(with Li Hongbin, Li Xing, Zhang Haifeng, Zhang Junsen), Economic Research Journal, 2009:10

2.    “Gender Differences in Education Returns” (with Huang Zhiling), The Journal of World Economy, 2009: 7

3.    “Labor Market Segmentation, Hukou and Urban-Rural Difference In Employment” (with Qiao Ming-rui Qian Xue-ya), Chinese Journal of Population Science, 2009:1

4.    “Human Capital and Huji Discrimination: An Analysis Based on Enterprise Employee Data in Zhejiang” (with Huang Zhi-ling), Journal of Zhejiang University, 2008:6 (reprint in Labor Economy and Labor Relations International Politics (Information Center for Social Sciences, RUC-Renmin University of China, 2009:2)

5.    “Education, Human Capital and Regional Economic Differentials” (with Zhang Hai-feng), Economic Research Journal, 2008: 5

6.    “Marketization and Unequal Growth of Wage: Their Extent and Influence Factors” (with Li Xiao-hua), Journal of Zhejiang University, 2007:1

7.    “Rising Wage Inequality:Composition Effect and Price Effect” (with Li Xiao-hua), Chinese Journal of Population Science, 2007:1

8.    “Efficiency Improving,Technological Innovation and GDP Growth: An Empirical Research of 15 Cities in the Yangtze Delta” (with Xue Qiang-jun, Huang Xian-hai), China Industrial Economy,2007:2

9.    “Economic Analysis of Global Value Chain from Different Angles” (with Zhou Hong), Science Research Management,2006:5

10.  “The Occupational Categorization of Farmer Laborers and Human Capital Restriction” (with Yu Ling), Journal of Zhejiang University, 2006: 5

11.  “The Economic Effects of Occupational Segregation” (with Xie Si-sheng), Journal of Zhejiang University, 2006:2

12.  “Human Capital and the Status of Laborer ”, Academic Monthly,2006:2

13.  “A Mathematical Model Analysis on the Impact of the Capital Adequacy Requirement on Bankruptcy Probability” (with Chen Hai-yong), The Journal of Quantitative and Technical Economics, 2006: 23 (2)