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            OPEN POSITIONS

Yu Xiaofeng- Professor


His research interests include Non-Traditional Security Studies, Philosophy, Ethnics, Public Crisis Management.


Education Background:

1977-1982, Department of Electronic Machinery, Zhejiang University, Bachelor of Engineering;

1984-1986, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang University, Bachelor of Law (Second Degree);

1993-1996, Institute of Social Development, Jilin University, Doctor of Philosophy.


Academic Services:

Professor and PhD Supervisor at the College of Public Administration.

Director of centre for Non-traditional security and peaceful development, Zhejiang University. Director of Leadership Research CenterZhejiang university, and was selected as a member of the “151 Elite Project” of Zhejiang Province in 2000. Deputy director of enterprise development centre, Zhejiang university.

Visiting scholar at Harvard University (2002-2003) and Oxford University (2006-2007).


Awards and Honors:

2004Yu Xiaofeng, “From Dangerous Confrontation to Superior Co-existence : The Broad Security Concept and the Value Orientation of a Non-traditional Security Strategy”, World Economics and Politics, 2004(2), pp.8-13China Academic Humanities and Social Science Research Excellence Award third prize.

2006, Ethics of International Relations, The 13th Excellence Award for Philosophy and social science of Zhejiang Province

2009,"The Identity Crisis" and National Security ,Third Prize for Excellence Award for Scientific Research(Humanities and Social Sciences) in Institutions of Higher Learning , issued by Ministry of Education; 


Former Position in Zhejiang University since 1982:

   Secretary of Youth League Committee for Department of Electronic Machinery;

   Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee;

   Deputy Secretary of CPC General Branch for Department of Social Science;

   Vice -minister of Propaganda of Party Committee;

   Vice -minister of Student Affairs Section

   Associate Director of Department of Philosophy and Social Science;

   Director of Department of Politics;

   Associate Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science;

   Dean of School of International Culture;

   Director of Council of Professors, College of Public Administration;

   Director of MPA Center, College of Public Administration;

   Judge of CCTV International Varsity Debate Varsity for several times.


Professional activities:

-Establishing the International Research Centre for Non-traditional Security and Peaceful Development and charging the centre;

-Offering "Non-traditional Security and Governance of Public Crisis" cross-curriculum for young teachers and MPA Curriculum;

-Developing the program of " Non-traditional Security Management";

-Convening annual international and domestic academic conference in the field of non-traditional security issues;

-Participate in publishing the series Non-traditional Security in China, Non-traditional Security in Contemporary World, The Capacity Building of Non-traditional Security;

-Holding the First National Advanced Seminar on Non-traditional Security;

-Establishing the Local Research Centre for Non-traditional Security and Peaceful Development of Zhejiang University with Shaoxing city;

-Establishing the Research Centre for Non-traditional Security and Peaceful Development of Zhejiang University Tarim University Station) with Tarim University;

-Initiating the Research on Border Security(Frontier security);

-Undertaking the items issued by National Fundation in Social Science, Ford Foundation and provincial authorized items;

-Serving as an appraisal expert for the items issued by National Fund and key technological bidding items issued by the Minister of Education;

-The visiting scholar to Harvard University, Oxford University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;

-Serving concurrently as the executive director for Research Association on  International Politics of Chinese Universities



Non-traditional security management

Public crisis management


Idea transformation and cooperation development


Selected Publications:

.Books & Book Chapters:

1. Hu, Shuigen, Yu, Xiaofeng, He, Wenjiong & Mi Hong (2009), General Theory of Public Crisis Management,Hangzhou:Zhejiang University Press

2. Yu, Xiaofeng (2008)(ed.), Public Crisis Management, Hangzhou:Zhejiang People's Publishing House

3. Yu, Xiaofeng (2008), ‘Non-Traditional Security and China’,in Wang Yizhou (ed.) Transformation of Foreign Affairs andInternational Relations in China 1978-2008, (Chapter VII), Beijing: China Social Sciences Press.

4. Yu, Xiaofeng (2007), Non-Traditional Security and Public Crisis Management, Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press.

5. Yu, Xiaofeng and Chen, Jing (2007)(eds.), Zhejiang Model and the Local Government’s Innovation, Hangzhou: ZhejiangUniversity Press

6. Yu, Xiaofeng, Pan, Yihe & Wang, Jiangli (2006),An Introduction to Non-traditional Security, Hangzhou: Zhejiang People's Publishing House.

7. Yu, Xiaofeng & Zhang, Yan (2006), The Realm of Personality: An Introduction to Species Ethnics, Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press.

8. Christine Sylvester,Feminism and Postmodern International Relations, Translated by Yu Xiaofeng, Pan Yihe & Guo Xiajuan (2003), Hangzhou: Zhejiang People's Publishing House.

9. Yu, Xiaofeng (2002), Ethics of International Relations, Beijing: Changzheng Press.

10. Yu, Xiaofeng (1999), Comparative Administration System: the Application of Political Theory,Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press.

11. Yu, Xiaofeng (1998), Philosophy of Personality,Jilin: Jilin Education Publishing House.


.Journal Articles:

1.Yu Xiaofeng & Xu Lili(2009), An Opinion on The Development of Frontier Security StudiesJournal of Zhejiang University(Humanities and Social Science), 2009(5), pp.1-14.

2.Yu Xiaofeng & Xu Liping(2008),What Exactly Are Ecological Problems? On Ecological Crisis View of Giddens, Journal of Cambridge Studies, Vol.3, No.2 Dec 2008,pp.33-38

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