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            OPEN POSITIONS

Zhang Guoqing - Professor

His main academic interests include political philosophy, jurisprudence, public policies and China issues.


Education Background

1998  PhD, Zhejiang University, P.R. China.

1988  Master of philosophy, Amoy University, P.R. China

1985  Bachelor of Philosophy, Zhejiang Normal University, P.R. China


Working Experience

1988-1990: Assistant, Zhejiang University, P.R. China

1990-1995: Lecturer, Zhejiang University, P.R. China

1995-2000: Associate Professor, Zhejiang University, P.R. China

2000-: Professor, Zhejiang University, P.R. China

2002-2003, Visiting fellow, Erasmus University Rotterdam

2006-2008, Visiting fellow, Harvard University


Teaching Course

History of Western Philosophy

Modern Western Philosophy

Postmodernism and Humanities

History of Western Political Thoughts

Contemporary Western Political Philosophy

Western Jurisprudence

Modern Science, Technology and Marxism.

Wisdom and Justice




1. Ancient Chinese Philosophical Advice: Can it help us find happiness today? (with Ruut Veenhoven, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands) ,in Journal of Happiness Studies, 2008(9),425-443. 

2. Failure of Society and Elements for Building a Harmonious Society, in Journal of Jiansu Administration Institute, No.4 P.16-21, (August 2006), Nanjing.

3. Democracy, Science and Philosophy: Rorty's Interpretation of Dewey's Philosophy, in Fudan Journal(Social Sciences  Edition) No.1 P.49-55, ( January 2006), Shanghai.

4. Harmoniousness: A Public Philosophy for Tolerance and Charity, in Philosophical Research (June 2005), Beijing.

5. Between Principle and Policy: Ronald Dworkin and Constructing Image of Ideal Lawyers, in Journal of Zhejiang University (March, 2005), Hangzhou.

6. A Criticism of Isaiah Berlin’s Liberalism Constitutional Thought, in Journal of Jiangshu Administration Institute (January, 2005), Nanjing.

7. Hegel’s Rational Constitution Doctrine and Its Contemporary Meaning, in Journal of Tonji University (May, 2005), Shanghai.



(1) In Search of Harmonious Society: from Politics to Political Sciences, Beijing: People Press. 2006. P. 1-428.

Contemporary Science, Technology Revolution and Marxism, Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2006. P. 1-320.



(1) John Dewey, The Early Works of John Dewey 1882-1898, Volume I (Southern Illinois University Press, 1968); [Shanghai: East China Normal University Press], 2010. 

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