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Zhang Junhua - Professor


His research interests include Comparative policy analysis, comparative development strategies, international politics, cross-cultural communication, EU-China relations



Chinese (mother tongue), German (excellent), English (very good), Russian (very good).


Education, awards and working experience

1995-1999    Ph. D in philosophy (magna cum laude) from J.W.Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

1986-1995    M.A. in philosophy (major), political science, sinology and Russian language (subsidiary subjects) at J.W.Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Scholarship for Talented Students.

1985-1986    Teacher at the Shanghai Management School; Translator for the Shanghai Municipal Government.

1981-1985    B.A. in German literature and language at the Institute of Foreign Languages Shanghai.  “Yan Qinxi-Price” for excellent thesis.

1979-1981    Teacher of English language at Grammar School No. 4, Sipin, China.

1978-1979    B.A. in English as a foreign language at the Teacher´s Institute Lishu, Jilin province.

1977-1978    Farmer in Jilin, China.

1972-1976    High-school Huashan, Shanghai.

1966-1971    Elementary school Gujialong, Shanghai.


International conferences/workshops organized by myself

-International Workshop: “Social Memory and Global Communication in Asia and Europe”, 2-3 Dec 2008, funded by the Asia-Europe-Foundation

-International Workshop: “Industrial Relations – China, South Korea and Europe in Comparison, 4-5 March 2009, funded by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.


-International Conference: “Participatory Budgeting – Theories and Practice”, 24-25 August, 2009, funded the by Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

-International Conference: “Minimum Wage in the Wake of Combating Financial Crisis”, 2-3 March, 2010, funded by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

-International Conference “Think Tanks in Global Comparison – Modes of Operation”, 25-26 August, 2010, funded by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.


Recent interviews in media

“Internet and China” by 3 SAT, Germany, on 2. May 2010,


Non-academic activities

Since Feb.2010 Guest editor for the Journal of Historical Sociology (London)

Since Nov 2008-2009 Consultant of the Department of European Affairs at the China Society for Policy Science (Beijing).

Since 2007         Member of Advisory Board of the Donube University Krems (Austria)

Since Feb. 2007  Editor of the Website in Chinese by the German Foreign Ministry (www.deguoyinyang.org)

2004-Nov. 2007   Freelance China Analyst for the German “Budeskanzleramt”.

2005-2007           Instructor for German diplomats working in China at the InWent


Research projects

Political Culture of Chinese Intellectuals (2003), funded by the Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung

Social Memory and Global Communication (2008), funded by the Asia-Europe-Foundation and die Zeit Stiftung (Hamburg)

China’s Role in Combating Climate Change (2008), funded by the American Foreign Policy Council

Assessing China’s Domestic Efforts in Fighting Climate Change (2009), funded by the British Council (Beijing).

The Implementation of the Labour Contract Law in China (2009), funded by the  Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (Shanghai).

Activities and Influences of Foreign Think Tanks in China (2010), funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation.




1.(co-author with Xu Xiaohong) Perspectives of the Labor Contract Law in China, CASS Publishing House, (Forthcoming, August 2010, language: Chinese).

2.Social Memory and Global CommunicationCASS Publishing House, (Forthcoming, September 2010, language: Chinese). 

3.(co-editor, with Rudolf Traub-Merz) Participatory Pudgeting – European and Asian Experiences, CASS Publishing House, (Forthcoming, Nov. 2010, language: English)

4.(co-editor, with Rudolf Traub-Merz)  Industrial Relations – China, South Korea and Europe in Comparison, CASS Publishing House, 2010 (Forthcoming August 2010 language: English)

5.China’s Challenge to Democratic Capitalism, Bochum University Press, (Forthcoming, October 2010, language: English)

6.Die schwierige Geburt der Freiheit - Eine vergleichende Betrachtung des chinesischen Freiheitsverständnisses vor dem Hintergrund der französischen und der chinesischen Aufklärung, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2001 (language: German)

7.(ed.) China´s Digital Dream –Impact of the Internet on Chinese Society, European University Press, 2002 (language: English)


Books in progress

1.What is behind the China Model? Stanford University Press 2011.

2.The Political Culture of Chinese Intellectuals, Frankfurt am Main, Suhrkamp, 2011.


Book chapters and articles

1.Europa Krise, von China aus betrachte, in: Neue Zürche Zeitung, 4. June 2010.

2.China setzt neu auf «Soft-Power» – mit welchen Perspektiven? in: Neue Zürche Zeitung,  26. Feb. 2010.

3.Good governance through e-governance? - Assessing China’s e-government strategy, in: Louis Leung/Anthony Y.H.Fung (ed.): Embedding into our lives, The Chinese University Press, 235-268. 2009

4.Chinese Intellectuals and Internet in the Formation of a New Collective Memory, in: Xiaoling Zhang / Yongnian Zheng (ed.): China’s Information and Communications Technology Revolution - Social Changes and State Responses, Routledge, 2009, pp. 45-58.

5.Ein ganz bestimmtes Gedächtnis – Pressefreiheit in China, in: Die Gazette, Nummer 18/Sommer 2008, pp. 36-39.

6.China’s Go-out-Strategy and its Impact on Latin America, in: Sarah Abriel (ed.): China und  Latin Amerika – Ein transpayifischer Brückenschlag, Köln Universitätsverlag, 2007, pp. 217-242

7.(with Lutz Matz): China 2010 - Automobilisierungsperspektiven im Reich der Mitte, in: Weert Canzler / Gert Schmidt (Hg.) (2007): Zukünfte des Automobils, WZB, 2007, pp.101-135.

8.Ist das chinesische Menschenrechtsverständnis konfuzianisch oder universal? – Fortschritte und Probleme in der Theorie und Praxis der Menschenrechte Chinas, in: Nicole Janz (ed.): Diskurs zur Frage Menschenrechte, Baden Baden: Nomos 2007, pp. 120-151.

9.Good governance through e-governance? - Assessing China’s e-government strategy, in:Haworth Press Inc: Journal of E-Government 2006, pp. 39-71.

10.28-jährige Reform in China -  Eine kurze Bilanz und ihre Zukunftsperspektive, in: Politische Studien Nr. 408, München: Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, 2006, pp.. 47-55.

11.Zwischen Markt und Politik: Einblicke ins kulturelle Leben im heutigen China, in: Zur Debatte, München: Katholische Akademie in Bayern 36. Jahrgang, 2006, pp. 26-28.