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            OPEN POSITIONS

Liu Zhaohui -Associate Professor

 His research interests include Applied anthropology, human rights, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Social Assessment, Rural Community, etc.

 Email Address: zhaohui-liu@hotmail.com


Academic Services:

Executive Director, Institute of Anthropology in Zhejiang University


Education Background:

09/2001-06/2004 Sun Yat-Sen (Zhong Shan) University, China, Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology.

09/1994-06/1997  Xiamen (Amoy) University, China, Ma in Cultural Anthropology

09/1988-07/1992  Xiamen (Amoy) University, China, Ba in Cultural Anthropology


Professional Experience:

08/1997-09/2007  Lecturer, Department/Institute of Anthropology, Xiamen University.

10/2007-present  Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang University

08/2005-12/2005  Visiting Scholar, Norwegian Centre of Human Rights

01/2006-11/2006  Senior Research Fellow, University Sains Malaysia

04/2008-10/2008 Officer, Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture of the P.R.China.


Main Academic Projects:

2010-2013 Chair, Resettlement, Community Development and protection of minority ethic groups cultures, funded by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science (China)

2008-2010 Chair, The City Integration of New Urban Immigrants and Community Construction, funded by Ministry of Education of the P.R.China

2005-2007 Chair, The Forging of Nationhood and the Construction of Citizenship, Ethnicity and History, funded by Asia Scholarship Foundation

2004-2005 Chair, Social Justice and Institutional Limitations: Migrant Workers’Responses to Employment Discrimination in Chinese Cities, funded by Norwegian Centre of Human Rights

2003-2004 Chair,  The Urbanization Experience of a Chinese Village in the Reform Era 



-Liuzhaohui, 2010, A Comparative Study on Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage between China and Russia: A Cultural Space Perspective, Journal of South-Central University for Nationalities (Humanities and Social Science), Vol.30 No.1.

-Liuzhaohui(Co-editor), 2010, Linhuixiang's Masterpieces on Nanyang Studies(Linhuixiang Nangyang Yanjiu Wenji), Beijing, National Press.

-Liuzhaohui, 2009, Village Community and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Also on Paradox of Original Subject and Protection Subject of Heritage, Studies in Culture & Arts, Vol.2 No.4.

-Liuzhaohui, 2009. 1948's Separatist Movement in Penang and Evading Overseas Chinese Nationalism, Open Times, No.10.

-Liuzhaohui, 2009, Fieldwork and Writing Culture in Overseas Ethnography, Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities(Philosophy and Social Science),Vol. 31 No.5.

-Liuzhaohui, 2007, Lineage Organization and Political Process in Qiaoxiang Community in the Reform Era, Sixiang Zhanxian, Vol.201 No.3.

-Liuzhaohui(Co-Author), 2006, Institutional Discrimination and Social Justice: taking peasant workers in Xiamen as a example, Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities (Humanities and Social Science), No.11.

-Liuzhaohui, 2005, Influence of National Culture on Ecological Migrants and Corresponding Countermeasures, Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities(Philosophy and Social Science),Vol. 27 No.6.

-Liuzhaohui, 2005, Village Community and Ethnography Method, Ethno-National Studies, Vol.155 No.3.

-Liuzhaohui, 2005, Beyond Peasant Society: History, Culture and Social Structure in a Qiaoxiang Community, Beijing, National Press.


Current and Future Research

I am engaging in studying on New Urban Immigrants, Resettlement and Cultural Rights, Intangible Cultural Heritage, and Parent-Children Culture at present. I will focus mainly on heritage protection and cultural rights in the future.