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            OPEN POSITIONS

Miao Qing -Associate Professor


His research interests include Leadership and entrepreneurship,Labor relationship and Human Resources Management


Education Background:

-B.S. with distinction, 2001, Department of Psychology, Zhejiang University

-PhD with distinction, 2006, Business School, Zhejiang University

-Post doctor 2008, College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University

-Visiting scholar 2009, Edinburgh Business School,UK


Academic Services

-Associate Professor (2009~) , Public Administration School, Zhejiang University

-Vice Secretary of Centre for Labor Economy and Public Policy, Zhejiang University (2006~)

-Senior Research Fellow, Institute of HRM, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (2007~) 

-Advanced visiting researcher of Entrepreneurship Education, Zhejiang Commerce Vocational College (2009~)


Awards and Honors

2001 Annual Brilliant Students Scholarship; Sun-Yard Scholarship

2001 Annual Brilliant Students Scholarship; Second Prize of Nan-Du Scholarship

2002 New Star Award at NingBo National Sci-Tech Entrepreneurship Contest

2003 First Prize at National Article Contest on Journal of HRM & Development(Beijing)

2004 Bronze Award of Paradise Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Contest

2004 First Prize at National Research Article Competition on HR Research (Shanghai)

2005 First Prize scholarship of Best PhD Candidates, First Prize of Nan-Du Scholarship

2006 Provincial Best PhD Dissertation Award

2007 First Postdoctoral Award of PRC  

2008 The Second Prize of Teaching Techniques and Speech Contest at College

2009 The First Prize of Teaching Techniques and Speech Contest at College


Professional activities:

Member of IACMR

Member of China Ergonomics

Member of Behavior Science, Zhejiang Province



1. MIAO Qing. The Micro Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Decision Making [J]. Chinese Journal of Management Scienc, 2009, 27(3): 430-435.

2. MIAO Qing. The Dilemma of Innovation: The Endowment Effect of Corporate Entrepreneurship [J]. Chinese Journal of Scientific Research Management, 2008, 29(1): 196-200.

3. MIAO Qing. The Cognition Perspectives of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Studies [J]. Chinese Journal of Management, 2005, 11(1): 66-68.

4. MIAO Qing, WANG ZM. Competitiveness Based Entrepreneurial Competency Modeling Study [J]. Chinese Journal of Enterprise Management, 2003, 9(3): 18-20.

5. MIAO Qing. The Impacts of Regulatory Focus on Entrepreneurial Decision Making [J]. Chinese Journal of Applied Psychology, 2006, 12(3): 24-27.

6. MIAO Qing. Cognition-Based Perspective on the Entrepreneurial Process Research [J]. Chinese Journal of Psychological Science, 2005, 28(5): 1274-1276.

7. MIAO Qing. Entrepreneurial Alertness: A Schema to Opportunity Recognition [J]. Chinese Journal of Management, 2008, 14(1):13-16.

8. MIAO Qing. The Impact of Entrepreneurial Cognitive Features on the Opportunity Recognition [J]. Chinese Journal of Management, 2007, 13(4): 8-11.

9. MIAO Q. Shaping individual influence: Interaction between Personality and Group Value Orientation [J]. Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal, 2010, 38(1): 15-18.

10. MIAO Q. Servant Leadership, Altruism Orientation and Scientific Staff Growth [J]. Chinese Journal of Scientific Research Management, 2009, 30 (6): 76-82

11. MIAO Q. The Impact of Leadership and Culture Orientation on the Scientific Staff Growth [J]. Chinese Management Science, 2008, 26(6): 1248-1254

12. MIAO Q, WANG ZM. Research Development of Mentoring Relationship [J]. Chinese Journal of Management, 2002, 8(2): 39-42.

13. CHEN ZG, MIAO Q. Leadership Theory: New Development and Implications [J]. Chinese Journal of Enterprise Economy, 2004, 1: 41-42.

14. MIAO Qing, YAO XG. Employer Brand and Enterprise Growth: Case Study of Private Enterprise [J]. Chinese Journal of Human Resource Management, 2007, 6: 45-49


Current research Grants

1. Dec, 2006~: National Post Doctor Research Foundation Research Project. Typical Categories of China’s Nascent Entrepreneurs: Decision-Making, Modes and Performance. (RMB 50,000)

2. Dec, 2007~: National Natural Science Foundation Research Project (70702020). Opportunity Recognition and the Decision-Making Process of Corporate Entrepreneurship  (RMB 180,000)

3. Sep, 2007~ Zhejiang Provincial Social Science Research Key Project. Building Harmonies Labor Relationship and Function Transformation Challenge of Industry Unions (RMB 20,000)

4. Jun, 2008~ National Social Science Research Project. Toward the Perspective of Behavioral Economics on the Mechanism of Secondary Entrepreneurship of SMEs. (RMB 80,000)

5. Jun, 2008~ Zhejiang Provincial Social Science Research Specific Project for Zhejiang Economy Transition. Empirical Study Based on the Regional Comparison to Build a Circumstance for Talent Accumulation: Circumstance Assessments and Optimizations Advices (RMB 10,000)

6. Dec, 2009~ National Natural Science Foundation Research Project and Royal Society of Edinburgh. An Examination of International Entrepreneurship: Sino-British Comparison of SMEs (RMB 10,000 and 7, 600)