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            OPEN POSITIONS

Tian Chuanhao -Associate Professor


His research interests include Land tenure , land markets and land reform; housing policy;


Education Background:

PH.D. in College of Business Management,2004, Zhejiang University, Specializing in land markets in rural China. Advisor: Shenghua Jia

M.S. in College of Land Management,2000, Huazhong Agricultural University, Specializing in Urban Land Market in China. Advisor: Yuanyan Liao

B.S. in College of Land Management,1997, Huazhong Agricultural University,


Professional Experience:

Sep., 2009-Sep. 2010, Visiting Scholar, Department of Regional and City Planning, UNC at Chapel Hill

Dec., 2006- Present: Associate Professor, College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University

Oct., 2005- Dec., 2006: Lecturer, College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University

Apr., 2004- Oct., 2005: Lecturer, College of Economics, Zhejiang University

Apr.,2004-Present, Faculty Fellow, Center for Real Estate Research, Zhejiang University


Awards and Honors

Second prize of philosophy and social sciences , Zhejiang Province People's Government, 2004

Third Prize of philosophy and social sciences, Zhejiang Province People's Government, 2006

Outstanding Graduate of Zhejiang Province, Education Department of Zhejiang Province, 2004

GUANGHUA Scholarship for Excellent Students, First Prize, Zhejiang University, 2003



Book(in Chinese)

1.Jia, S. , Tian, C., and Shi, Q., Policy and Development of Rural Land rental markets in the Eastern China, China Agriculture Press, China,2003

2.Tian, Chuanhao. Land Tenure, Land Markets and Land Allocative Efficiency in Rural China, Economic Science Press, China, 2005 


Refereed Papers(in Chinese)

1. Tian,.C., and Zhou, J. (2008) land tenure, land markets and women access to land: Theory and Eviedence from Zhejiang, Journey of China Rural Survey (5) ,13-22

2. Tian, C,, and Luo, F (2009), A Novel Approach to Improving Rural Finance and Increasing Farmers' Income,  Vol. 8, No. 3, Fall 2009

3. Tian, C., and Yang, H. (2006). Boom and Decline: the real estate fluctuation of other countries. Peking University Business Review.(9):16-24

4. Tian, C. Chen, H. and Jia, S. (2005). The Effects of the Rental Markets on Land Fragmentation: Theory and Evidence from Three Provinces. China  Economic Quarterly. 4(3). 769-784

5. Lin, L. and Tian, C. (2005). The Transition of land requisition system in China. Journal of Shanghai Land. (1) 27-30

6. Lin, L. and Tian, C. (2005). The Decision-Making Modes and the Behavior Tendency of the Officers and the Farmers during the Land Acquisition, Journal of Shanghai Land (3):34-36

7. Tian, C. and Wang, J. (2004). “The reaction and Evolution between the Economic Fluctuation and the Real Estate Fluctuations: Evidence from Zhejiang Province”. Zhejiang Economy. (13). 14-18

8. Tian, C., Wang, F. and Jia, S. (2004). The jeopardize of the bubble of Real Estate: the experiences of other Countries. China Real-Estate Finance. (5). 43-46

9. Tian, C. Qu, B. and Jia, S. (2004). Land Market and Land Allocation: a Review. Jiangsu Social Sciences,. (4) 64-68

10. Tian, C. Jia, S. and Ren E., (2004) Supervision, Market Information and Strike Land Prices: Evidence from Hangzhou Urban Land Markets.  China Economic Quarterly. 3(2) 373-386

11. Tian, C. and Jia, S. (2004) Land Tenure, Tenure Security and the Development of Rural Land Rental Markets. Economic Research Journal, (1) 112-119

12. Tian, C. and Wu, A. (2003) Investigation and Rethink of the Mode of “Fanzudaobao” in Rural Land Markets: a Case from Jiangsu Province. The World of Survey and Research.(2) 42-45

13. Jia, S., Tian, C. and Chen, H. (2003)An Empirical Analysis on the Market of Farmland Use Right for Urban and Rural Juncture China Soft Science (1) 124-127,118

14. Jia, S., Tian, C. and Zhang, H. (2003) Leasing Markets and the Scale of Farm Land. China Rural Survey. (1) 37-45

15. Jia, S. and Tian, C. (2003). The Effect of Land Markets on the Land Allocation: Evidence from Three Provinces. (1) 24-30

16. Liu, D. Shao, J., Tian, C. and Jia, S. (2001) Urban Commercial Land Demands Forecasting Methods and Supplying Plans Establishment. Journal of Hangzhou Teachers College. (5).44-48

17. Gu, J., Tian, C. and Jia, S. (2004). Urban land markets development under land reserve institution,《Management Sciences and Global Strategies in the 21st Century,(1) 1661-1667


Teaching Activities

1.Strategic Management. (S.M.) Cooperated with Prof. Cai, N .

2.Public and the Third Sector Strategic Management  (P.S.M.) Cooperated with Prof. Cai, N .

3.Public Administration (P.A.)

4.Land tenure and Land Markets in China. (L.)


Master Courses (for Graduate Students and MPA)

Time          Courses    Number of Students

20042005     P.S.M.      90

20042005     P.S.M.      60

20042005     P.S.M.      30

20042005     P.S.M.      30

20052006     P.S.M.      60

20052006     P.S.M.      60

20052006     P.S.M.      5


Undergraduate Courses 

Time          Courses    Number of Students

20042005      P.S.M.      30

20052006      P.S.M.      37

20052006      P.A.        18

20062007      P.S.M.      62

20072008      P.S.M.      60

20072008      L.          55

20072008      S.M.       37

20082009      P.S.M.      62

20082009      S.M.       35

20082009      L.         21

20102011      L          31

20102011      P.S.M      70



1."Mechanism, Modes, Performances and Policies of Rural Housing and Land Markets in China: Evidence from Zhejiang Province", 250,000, Funded by the National Science Foundation of China. Jan.2010-Dec.2012.

2."Influence of Rural Land Rental Markets Development to the Farmers Income and Its Mechanism Under Household Contract Responsibility System." 170,000. Funded by the National Science Foundation of China. Jan.2007-Dec.2009.

3."An Empirical Research of the Local Network and Dynamic Matching Mechanism for the Cluster of Enterprises."160,000. Funded by the National Science Foundation of China.Jan.2006-Dec.2008.

4."The Circulation Model of Homestead Use Right and Policy Research."50,000. Funded by the  National Ministry of Education of China.Jan.2008-Dec.2009

5."Responsibility Government and Accountability System Research."80,000. Funded by the National Social Science Project. Apr.2006-Dec.2007.

6."An Empirical Research on the Influence of Agricultural Land Rental Market Development to the Farmers' Income."10,000. Funded by Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office of Zhejiang Province.Jul.2004-Mar.2006.

7."Analysis of the External and Internal Environments for Jiangcun New Region of Hangzhou."50,000.Funded by Jiangcun New Region Construction Department of West Lake District of Hangzhou. Mar.2008-Sep.2008.

8."Low-income Families Living Survey."50,000.Funded by Hangzhou Municipal Construction Committee.Dec.2007-Jun.2008.

9."Early Warning System for the Land Purchase and Reserve Process of Jiande City." 50,000. Funded by Jiande Land Requisition and Reserve Center.

10."Study of Urban Land Intense Use." 40,000. Funded by Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee. Dec.2006-Dec.2007.

11."The Real Estate Market Supply and Demand Forecast of Zhejiang Province."$4,500. Funded by Real Estate Institute of Zhejiang Province. Mar.2005-Dec.2005.