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            OPEN POSITIONS

Wang Shizong -Associate Professor


His research interests include governance theory and civil society, local governance and local government.


Education Background:

·1984-1988, studied for bachelor degree at Soochow University

·June 1988, obtained bachelor degree in science

·1988-1991, studied for master degree at Zhejiang University

·January 1991, obtained a master degree in philosophy

·2005-2009, studied for doctor degree at Zhejiang University

·September 2009, obtained a Ph. D. degree in public administration


Academic Services

·Associate Professor, Department of Government, College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University

· Deputy Director of Institute for Public Administration at Zhejiang University

·Executive Director of Institute for Civil Society and Development(ICSD)


Awards and Honors

·14th excellent achievement award for philosophy & social Science of Zhejiang Province(first prize)(Government of Zhejiang Province)

·4th excellent achievement award for Humanity and Social Science of Chinese Universities(third prize)( Ministry of education, P.R. China)



·1991-1994, worked at office of news of Zhejiang University

·1994-1999, taught at Department of Philosophy, Zhejiang University,

·1999-2005, taught at Department of Public Administration, College of economics, Zhejiang University

·September, 2005 up till now, taught at Department of Government, College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University

·1999, promoted to associate professor at Zhejiang University

·In recent years, presided over 1 nation-level and 3 province-level research projects on political theories and public policy


Professional activities:

Member of Zhejiang Society for Public Administration

Member of Society for Natural Dialectics in China



  Public Policy

  Governance Theory and Practice




  ·Public Policy: Theories and methods (Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2005)

  ·Grassroots Chambers and local government in Wenzhou City(Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2006)

  ·Governance theory and its applicability in China(Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2009)



  ·The internal contradiction of governance theory and its future approach, Philosophical Researches, 2008(2):83-89

  ·Autonomy and Embedment in Local Governance: the Relationship Between Wenzhou’s Chambers and Government, Marxism and Reality, 2008(1):101-107

  ·The Applicability of Local Governance in China and it’s Limitation: A Case Study of Purchasing Services for the Aged in Home by the Government in Haishu District. Journal of Public Management, 2007(4):45-52

  ·The Role of Local Government in Balancing Urban and Rural Development——Case form Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. Journal of Public Management, 20063):18-27

  ·Grassroots Chambers and Local Government: Game of Power, Mechanism of interaction and real-life Limitation. Journal of Zhejiang Administrative School, 2005(5):5-13

  ·The Political Content of Trade Association——An Exploration to Chambers of Commerce in Wenzhou from the Viewpoint of Political Legitimacy,  Journal of Zhejiang University(Humanity & Social Science), 2005(2):158-165

  ·The Development of Third Sector and the Prospect for Civil Society——An Exploration to Chambers of Commerce in Wenzhou. Journal of Public Management, 20044):34-40