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Cui Shunji - Lecturer

 Her research interests include International Security Studies, Regional Security in East Asia, Sino-Japanese Relations, as well as Non-Traditional Security Governance.


Education Background:

Dr Cui is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, College of Public Administration and a Research Fellow at the Centre for NTS-PD Studies, Zhejiang University, China. She received her PhD in International Relations at LSE, UK (2008), and was a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Asia Research Centre, LSE (2008-9).



At the Zhejiang University Dr Cui teaches courses on International Relations Theory, and International Relations of Asia Pacific at post graduate level.

International Politics (Undergraduate Course)-in English



Articles and Conference Papers:

Cui, Shunji and Yu, Xiaofeng (2010): ‘Security Governance: From Non-traditional Security Management Perspectives’, World Economics and Politics (1): 84-96.

Cui, Shunji (2009): (De)Securitising Frontier Security in China: Beyond the Positive and Negative Debate, Paper presented at the International Conference on “The Nexus of Traditional & Non-Traditional Security Dynamics: Chinese Experiences meet Global Challenges”, 18-20 September 2009, Hangzhou, China.

- (2008): Problems of Nationalism and Historical Memory in China’s Relations with Japan, Paper presented at the Asia-Europe Workshop on “Social Memory and its Impact on Global Political Communication”, 8-9 December 2008, Hangzhou, China.

- (2008): ‘Regional Security Complex Theory: Traditional and Human Security Perspectives’, Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 38(1): 16-21.

- (2007): Balancing or Bandwagoning; China and the Re-emerging East Asian International Society: the English School Perspective, Paper presented at the International Workshop on History and International Relations: the Perspective of English School, 16-17 April, Changchun: China.

- (2006): ‘People States and Fear: Buzan and His Contribution to the Theory of International Relations’, World Economics and Politics (5): 60-67.