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            OPEN POSITIONS

Liu Yuneng- Lecturer


His research interests include Organizational Sociology, Social Policy, and Urban Sociology.


Education Background:

Guizhou University for Nationalities,  Bachelor, 1986;

Sichuan  University,  Master, 1998;

Shanghai University, Ph.D. candidate  ( Sociology ).



1998-2010,  Department of sociology, Zhejiang University.



The undergraduates courses he teached  include Sociology, Rural and Urban Socio-logy, Social Policy since 1998.



1.The Unanticipated Consequences of Social Action:A Brief Theoretical History,Journ-al of Zhejiang University Humanities and Social Sciences Edition ,,Vol.38:Number 3,May 2008.

2.Re-orientating the Function of Urban Communities to Construct Urban Public Sph-eres, Journal of Zhejiang University Humanities and Social Sciences Edition ,Vol.34:Number 4,July 2004.

3. A.G.Frank and the Global Theory by Social Sciences,Sociological Studies, 2000(5).