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            OPEN POSITIONS

Ma Meiying- Lecturer


Her research interests include Sociology of Law, Philosophy of Law, Sociology of Deviance


Education Background:

2004-2009  Ph.D. in Legal Theory, College of Law, Zhejiang University

1998-2000 M.A. in Philosophy of Maxism, Department of Philosophy,  HangZhou University

1982-1986 B.A. in General Philosophy , Department of Philosophy,  HangZhou University



1998-present  Instructor in Department of Sociology, College of public Administrating,  Zhejiang University

1991-1997  Instructor in Department of Philosophy,  Hangzhou University

1986-1991  Instructor in Department of Politics ,  Hangzhou University



“Law and Morality: Connection after being Separated”, in Journal of Zhejiang University, Volume37: Number 1, Jan. 2007

“The Morality of Law: Law, or Morality?”, in Law and Social Development, Volume14: Number 3, May 2008

On Procedural Natural Law (doctoral dissertation, 2009)