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            OPEN POSITIONS

Shi Hong- Lecturer


Her research interests include insurance, risk management and social insurance (especially on pension and medical insurance).


Education Background:

2009.3:    PhD in economics.

2000-2009: Political Economics at Zhejiang University.

1993-1997: International insurance at the Central University of Finance& Banking.


Academic Services

Editor, Journal of Zhejiang Insurance



Since October, 2005:   Lecturer at college of public administration, Zhejiang University.

2003-2005.9: Lecturer at school of economics, Zhejiang University.

1997-2003: Assistant professor at school of economics,   Zhejiang University.


Professional activities

-The Impact of Agriculture Insurance on Agriculture Production and Farmer’s Welfare, funded by National Natural Science Foundation, 2009-2011

-Subsidy of Chinese Policy-oriented Agriculture Insurance, funded by Social Science Foundation of Zhejiang province, 2007-2008.

-Subsidy Incentives on Participation in Agriculture Insurance Evidence from Zhejiang, funded by Education Department of Zhejiang province, 2008.

-Performance Evaluation of Zhejiang policy-oriented agriculture insurance, funded by HKCSS of Zhejiang province, 2008.


I .Articles:

-Factors Influencing the Efficiency of Policy-oriented Agriculture Insurance, Agriculture Economics [J], 2008(12):56-61.

-Survey on subsidy of the American Agriculture insurance, Insurance Studies [J], 2008(4):91-94.

-Subsidy Incentives on Participation in Agriculture Insurance Evidence from Zhejiang Province, Technology Economics[J],2008:88-93.

-Subsidy, Welfare and Policy-oriented Agriculture Insurance: an Incentive study based on Welfare Economics, Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences) [J], 2007(6):138-145, (co-author: Zhang Yuehua).

-Market Failure, Policy-oriented Agriculture Insurance and Localization: Comparative Study on Agriculture Insurance at Zhejiang, Shanghai and Suzhou, Issues in Agricultural Economy [J], 2007(6):49-55, (co-author: Zhang Yuehua, He Wenjiong).


II Book:

Principles of Insurance, (edited with He Wenjiong), Zhejiang University Press, 2001.