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            OPEN POSITIONS

Wu Jiebing- Associate Professor


His research interests include Industrial Clusters; Inter-organizational Network; Technological Innovation


Education Background:

Ph.D. in managemen, 2006, Zhejiang University

B.S. in managemen, 2001, Zhejiang Gongshang University


Academic Services:

2010 to date: Associate Professor, Zhejiang University

2006 to 2009: Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University

2006 to date: Research Fellow, National Institute for Innovation Management, Zhejiang University



2006 to date: Zhejiang University


Professional activities:

member of IACMR (International Association for Chinese Management Research)



Papers Published in Chinese:

1)    WU Jiebing, GUO Bin, Coevolution of Firms Adaptation, Networking and Industrial ClusterA Longitudinal Study of Shaoxing County Textile Cluster, Management World, 2010(2): 141-155.

2)    CAI Ning, SHEN Qitaisong, WU Jiebing, Economic Rationality , Social Contract and Institutional Regulation : A Reviewand Extension on the Enterprise Philanthropy Motivation, Journal of Zhejiang University( Humanities and Social Sciences), 2009(2):64-73.

3)    WU Jiebing, XU Mengzhou, Between Network Density and Competitive Advantage of Clusters: the Mediating Effect of Agglomeration Economy and Collective Leaning, Management World, 2008(8): 69-76.

4)    WU Jiebing, XU Mengzhou, Industrial Clusters Competitive Advantage from the Perspective of Inter-firm Network : Theoretical Model and Empirical Research, Journal of Zhejiang University( Humanities and Social Sciences), 2008(4):163-172.

5)    WU Jiebing, TONG Xiaoyu, YANG Yue, Innovative Application of SMS in Rural Information Construction: Case Study on Tianfu Agriculture Information Network and Emprical Analysis of Survey Data in Sichuan Province, Issues in Agricultural Economy, 2008(5):77-83.

6)    WU Jiebing, CAI Ning, Policy Network Analysis and Its’ Implications to Public Administration in China, China Collective Economy, 2007(12):41-42.

7)    WU Jiebing, CAI Ning, Industry Cluster Literature Review: from Three Points Viewing the Theory’s Amalgamation and Development, Journal of Chongqing University(Social Science Edition), 2007(6):17-21.

8)    CAI Ning, WU Jiebing, YIN Ming, The Structure and Function of industrial Clusters’ Complex Networks, Economic Geoghaphy, 2006(5):378-382.

9)    CAI Ning, WU Jiebing, Social Network Analysis on Denseness of Inter-organizational Networks in Industrial Clusters, Journal of Zhejiang University( Humanities and Social Sciences), 2006(6):58-65.

10)  CAI Ning, WU Jiebing, Inter-firm Networks in Industrial Clusters:System Construction and Structure Analysis, Journal of Chongqing University(Social Science Edition), 2006(2):9-14.


Working Paper:

WANG Jinmin, YAO Xianguo, WU Jiebing, The Expansion of Textile and Clothing Firms of China to Asian Least Developed Countries: The Case of CambodiaAsia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade Working Paper Series, No. 60, December 2008


Books in Chinese:

1)    WU Jiebing, Merger, Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Behavior, Beijing: Science Press, 2008.

2)    CAI Ning, WU Jiebing, Industrial Clusters and Regional Economic Development, Beijing: Science Press, 2007.