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Welcome to the College of Public Administration of Zhejiang University (CPA-ZJU in short), a place to pursue knowledge beyond traditional boundaries. With the belief of ‘Truth as Faith and World Affair as Responsibility’, the CPA-ZJU keeps the education principle to cultivate future leaders with international vision and public spirit. It provides good facilities for teaching, research, management and service.

Presidential Welcome
A message from Dr. YAO Xianguo.

Introduction to CPA
A quick overview of our dynamic college.

Organization of CPA
Comprehensive information of research in CPA.

Offices & services
Party and Political Office
Tel: 87953814 87953824 Email:ggyb202@zju.edu.cn
Human Resources Office
Tel: 87953742 Email: bigmall@zju.edu.cn
Scientific Research and Local Collaboration Office
Tel: 87953825 Email: ggky@zju.edu.cn
Youth League Committee
Tel: 87953917 88206390 Email: cpatw@zju.edu.cn
Office of Undergraduate Education
Tel: 87952289 88206455 Email: ggbk@zju.edu.cn
Office of Graduate Education
Tel: 87953819 87953821 Email: xxzy@zju.edu.cn
Reference Room
Tel: 87953323 Email: xielanping@zju.edu.cn

Add:38.Zhe Da Road.Hangzhou Zhejiang.P.R.China
Tel: 0086-571-87953814

Zhejiang University


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